United States Broomball Association


Broomball started in Canada over a century ago and has been a fixture in the United States since the 1960s.  A rink based sport, similar to Hockey, broomball is contested between two teams of 6 players (1 goalie and 5 runners) trying to use their stick to propel the ball into the opposing team’s net.  The majority of game play is similar to hockey, with equipment being the primary differentiation between the two.  Broomball players do not wear skates, but instead wear boots or, more commonly, broomball specific shoes that are made for better traction on the ice surface.  Additionally, instead of a hockey puck, a broomball is a hard rubber ball roughly 6 inches in diameter and the sticks have a broom-like head shape.  Broomball nets are much larger than their hockey counterparts which allows for a free flowing, high scoring style of play.  An exciting winter sport that does not require the equipment investment of hockey, broomball has spread throughout the United States as a fun, approachable ice sport that provides a challenge for all levels of athlete.